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The Blue Whale Expansion

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Living in water provides a huge benefit to the Whale over the land animals which also facilitated its enormous size.

The Buoyant force supports the huge weight and size of the whales which is not present on land. This is the reason that the environment plays a huge role in the development of an animal as well as a human. The immediate surroundings affect our behaviour, appearance and sometimes even our thoughts due to particular exposures.

This is the reason the kind of people we communicate with or the places we spend time in reflect in our behaviour. Many times you would have heard parents of kids telling them to socialise with the kids who are good at academics or some other skills, it is due to the same reason.

Our environment plays a vital role in our mental development as well because the kind of topics we discuss with others or the kind of activities we participate in develops a habit over time. We need to be wise in choosing the people we socialise with because they have a huge impact on our life. In order to utilize this impact for our development we should focus on people who help us in our growth and development as individuals.

The Blue Whales environment aids its development by providing it’s favorite food; Krill, and keeps it growing and developing. The Ocean has numerous kinds of prey for the Huge whale but it knows which are better for its development and fit for its abilities. The Blue whale does not have teeth and instead it has something called baleen which are brush like structures which traps the krill and allows the water to pass out of the mouth.

Similarly, being aware of our own abilities and qualities allows us to make better Decisions which will help us in our growth and development. Understanding the areas where we are strong in and the areas where we are not gives us an insight about ourselves. Thus making decisions to become stronger by choosing the correct people and correct environment.

An example to this is the university courses. If a student wants to learn ANimation he will enroll in the course of Animation where the whole environment revolves around Animation related topics as well as the people around him share the mutual interest in the field of animation. It is likely the student will learn animation with regular interactions there and develop into becoming an Animator.

So remember to keep a check on your environment because it is a holy place for your development and growth. This is how your mind will expand just like the Blue Whale’s body. Goodluck!

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