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The Corporate Rock Lee

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Remember the super hardworking guy with no ninjutsu? Yes that was Rock lee and he was one of the most inspirational characters from Naruto.

Rock Lee was born with no Ninjutsu abilities and solely used his Taijutsu for becoming a shinobi. He worked super hard and even outrun the other shinobis who were blessed with Ninjutsu skills. He definitely fits the character of an underdog who rose to the top with his focus and dedication to fulfill his dream of becoming a shinobi no matter what.

However, the modern Japanese Salaryman culture has taken this mentality to an extreme level where they sometimes reach Karoshi; death by overwork. These people are so loyal to their companies that they are ready to not use the designated amount of Leaves an employee can take in a year. Such a work culture has made this a very difficult situation for the individual as well as the whole nation of Japan.

Lee taught us to work super hard in order to achieve your goals and let there be no limit. But as we all know what happened to Might Guy when he showcased his highest potential in the third Great ninja war: lost his ability to walk for life and survived by luck. The story of Might Guy is similar to the modern day salaryman of Japan.

We need to understand that there are many jobs in the world but remember we have only one life, so it is essential to take good care of it. Mental health is a crucial factor in this area because we tend to consider it as less important than physical health, but in reality it is equally important. So we should learn from what Lee did but never told anyone. After his practice session was over and his muscles were all bruised,he took Rest.

Rest is something which we all love(except Rock Lee) and which gives us the energy to get back to work again with more energy. Rest provides a shift from stress by changing the focus of the mind. We feel refreshed after taking a rest and then we can work better. Taking short breaks after a certain duration of work is likely to help the mind to unclutter the thoughts from the previous work and make space for the new thoughts for the future work.

This is the reason Rock lee excelled in his endeavors. He didn’t just rain like hell but after the training he gave his muscles ample amount of rest to recover. Remember our mind is the most important muscle and needs proper rest and recovery. So this Corporate Rock Lee is going to see better results at work because he takes care of his mental health.

Photo by Alex Eckermann on Unsplash

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