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The Ichiraku Ingredient

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Remember the mouth watering Ichiraku Ramen which Naruto used to eat and reach heaven with every gulp? If yes, then you must have noticed a strange-looking pink element which resembles the Leaf logo of Konoha. Let’s discuss this strange little thing in detail.

The actual name of this pink swirl is Kamaboko and it is a steamed cake of cooked fish which is made with a puree of white fish and egg whites. These two different components are mixed together and soon blended. This results in the formation of the strange swirl in the middle of the fish cake. They resemble the Naruto strait and hence are called Narutomaki.

The swirl pattern makes us concentrate in the center of the fish cake and drives the attention towards it.

This is a similar method by which Naruto learned the Rasengan. This ancient jutsu requires immense chakra control to gather the chakra in the palms at a particular point. This is a deeper meaning behind the simple fish cake which most people do not even bother looking at. This is what makes us different because we observe and seek the reason behind why or how of things.

But in today’s world, how did Narutomaki end up in the Japanese ramen? Let’s try to understand this by using the time machine and going back in time. This fish cake was a common topping of the Japanese Soba noodles. But soon the Ramen from China arrived and became a part of Japan. It was named Shina Soba meaning Chinese Soba. Thus we can understand that the traditional topping of the Soba noodles was also applied on the newly appointed member of the Japanese cuisine.

What we can learn from this incident is that no matter where you come from you still have a chance to make a difference and shine bright. In every new arena or life situation you may feel scared and hesitant to change or different behaviors. However, if you don’t give up and keep grinding post the point of giving up, then just remember you have reached a place which only the winners reach. Just believe in yourself.

I understand you must be wondering how a fish cake ended up becoming a motivational object, but understand you can take inspiration and lessons from whatever you find to bring a change in your life. So, the Narutomaki must be an ordinary food item for others but for the Rogue wolves it is an example of a journey full of adventures and lessons. That is the Rogue Mentality.

Photo by Dovile Ramoskaite on Unsplash

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