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Tsunade’s laws for COVID

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Hashirama’s granddaughter was revered as the greatest medical ninja in the world and she proved it too many times. But can you imagine what the state of the world would be like if she was present in the era of the pandemic today?

During the old times the Healing ninjutsu was used to treat the injured shinobis and to facilitate the recovery rate, but in today’s time the real enemy is Coronavirus. This deadly virus made such an impact in the lives of each and every human in the world, be it restricting our travel or wearing a mask everytime we step outside the house. We don’t have Tsunade now but we do have her equivalents; Doctors and Scientists.

They share the goals of Medical Ninjas and give their all to fight this enemy. They are no less than shinobis who are ready to protect others and attack anyone who tries to harm their loved ones. At the moment, they are developing a special Jutsu or as it is called nowadays, a Vaccine for fighting this Virus as well as treating the ones who are already affected.

Tsunade made some laws for the practice of the medical ninjutsu for all of the medical shinobis which are quite relevant in today’s medical scenario. One of them instructs the medical shinobi to never stop their healing process until the lives of their party members have come to an end. This is what the Doctor’s abide by in today’s world; they try to save lives and treat the patient until there is nothing else left to do to save a person.

They possess the medical ninjutsu techniques of the Senju Clan who were blessed to heal their fellow mates and even themselves. Maybe their most effective tool was eating apples, because it provided them with immunity. Being someone who protects or eagles others is such a noble as well as important profession because the world needs more healers as the age of today is damaging people a lot.

People get toxicated by the environment as well as the working environment socially and emotionally, so it has become crucial to imbibe the healing qualities in oneself.

But this healing should be used first to heal oneself or else the individual can get drained of her/his energy.

This is the reason Doctors and Scientists take precautions like proper sanitisation and wearing of protective equipment like gloves to ensure they are not affected or else who will heal others. Now this is our duty to keep ourselves safe by following the guidelines given by today’s medical Shinobis.

Make sure you wear a mask every time you step out of your house and sanitise yourself as well as any item you touch. These are basic guidelines and modern additions to Tsunade’s medical shinobi laws. So just keep yourself safe and try to keep learning skills and qualities to become a better Healer and hope you make Tsunade sama proud if she watches you someday.

Photo by Zhipeng Ya on Unsplash

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