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Walk in your Lane

We all have the habit to continuously seek inspiration and learn about the trends going on in the society. But is it really worth it?

Clicking the search button on Google and scrolling down in Instagram about the trends going in the society surely provides us knowledge but at the same time it takes away our time. We need to keep a check on how much time we spend on getting inspired and the time we are actually producing something.

As per my experience, I was getting too inspired and motivated by seeing other people write blogs, create amazing designs or even workout. But I was not utilizing this in my life and waiting for the right moment; which never comes. So I made a decision to not stroll on the lanes of other people and rather start walking on my lane and get a feel of how it feels.

In the beginning the road felt rough but if you don't give up and keep walking you will realize it becomes smooth. It is from walking in my lane that I understood the real purpose of all the knowledge and motivation, which is to facilitate you in taking the First step. Taking the first step is the most difficult but it is the most important as without beginning we will never learn anything.

Walking in our own lane will help us to focus on our movements and energy which would help us in changing the pace at which we are walking. We can run and even sit for rest sometimes but what we should not do is to Chase the other lanes. By keeping our focus on our movements we deny any shift of our energy to other things outside our lane. The thing we put our energy into grow faster and better and if we focus on ourselves we will grow and flourish into a better version of ourselves.

Focusing on our own lane keeps us away from unnecessary drama which is going in other people's lives and provides us a state of mental clarity because there are no interruptions by anybody else. By the prior statement it is not stating that we just ignore helping or contacting other people but what it really means to prioritize things which help you become better over things which does not aid your development. So just focus on walking in your lane and hopefully you will find yourself along the way.

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

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