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The Snow Leopard's Balance

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

In the wild there is a cat which is so well adapted to the cold that it can teach us a lot of new things for the coming winter.

The Snow leopard has the densest fur of all cats with almost 26,000 hairs per square inch. This helps them to withstand the harsh temperatures which can drop to minus 40ºC. We humans only have about 1300 hair which makes it difficult for us to survive in such extreme temperatures without warm clothing and food.

So the first lesson the snow leopard gives us is to start wearing the warmer clothes from early on because it takes a few minutes for the weather to change, making the old saying true; Prevention is better than cure. Many people might be roaming in their summer clothes now but remember if any of them got sick, they would lose out their precious time to grow and learn.

The second lesson we can learn from the snow leopard is to keep balance in our actions. This comes from the way the Leopard’s tail, which is the thickest tail of all the cats helps in maintaining the balance. To survive the winter we must keep balance in our daily habits and work because they tend to change with the changing weather. We may become lazy and comfortable sitting in our warm blankets and our movements may get reduced too.

Staying Active is the best way to keep our bodies in the same condition and not make it a prisoner of comfort. The moment we begin becoming comfortable in a place or situation, it is time to get up or take a walk. Comfort zone is the steady death of your potential because you will never know how it kills your creativity and the urge to try new things.

The snow leopard stays active and always gives his/her all while hunting because food is scarce in such harsh climates. We need to try and give our best in whatever work we do because we will never get the opportunity again as the future is not promised. All we have is the present and what we do now will decide our future.

We know that winter is coming soon and we have the resources for surviving it but many people do not have. So the last lesson we can learn is to be grateful for what we have because if the snow leopard does not have its thick fur he may have a difficult surviving. So keep the aforesaid lessons in mind and keep growing.

Photo by National Geographic

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